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  • Thin Pasta with tomatoes and chipotle sauce. ​
  • Fish Fillet Ceviche.​
  • Fish Fillet Salad with citrics and avocado.​
  • Cesar Salad with Pulp crab Meat.​
  • Shrimp Crown with avocado and citric dressing and chilli.
  • Imperial Capresse Tower with cheese, Tomatoe and avocado.​​
  • Ceviche Trilogy : Salmon, shrimps and Fish Fillet.
  • Mexican Chile filled with marinated shrimps.
  • Garlic shrimps with cheese skewer.​
  • Mexican Chile Filled with cheese with beans sauce.​
  • Mexican Banana Molote filled with beans and cheese.

Soups and Creams

  • Creamy cilantro soup.
  • Creamy tomatoe soup.
  • Creamy poblano soup.
  • Creamy nuts soup.
  • Creamy 4 Cheese soup.
  • Cold semi creamy cucumber and jicama soup.​
  • Thai soup ( Thin pasta, spinach, and shrimps)
  • Creamy semi cold Pumpkin soup
  • Cold semi creamy poblano soup with grapes.
  • Cold Semi creamy palmito soup.​
  • Pumpkin Flower soup with cheese.​
  • Tortilla soup

    Main Plates


    • Pork tenderloin with orange chilli sauce with rice and cambray potatoes.
    • Pork tenderloin with 4 cheese sauce with rice and cambray potatoes.


    • Beef fillet with his juice with baked potatoe and vegetables.
    • Beef fillet with roquefort sauce with baked potatoe and rice.​


    • Chicken breast in Jamaica sauce with rice and vegetables.
    • Chicken breast sealed with sesame sedes with balsamic sauce rice and vegetables.​

    ​Fish Fillet

    • ​Fish fillet with chilly mexican (TALLA) sauce with rice and vegetables.
    • Fish Fillet with creamy chipotle and tequila sauce with rice and vegetables.


    • ​Lobster with 4 cheese sauce with rice and vegetables.
    • Lobster with saffron sauce with rice and vegetables.
    (Dish with additional cost of the package. Price per person: $ 150.00 pesos m.n.)


    • Coconut sorbet
    • Ice Cream with Brownie and Caramel
    • Cheesecake with red berry coulis
    • Tres leches cake with amaretto chocolate coulis
    • Cheese flan with caramel sauce

    Additional services

    Candies table

    Peanuts, coffee sweets, fries, gummies, marzipans, popsicles and pulparindos.

    Price per person: $ 180.00 pesos m.n.

    Dessert bar

    Rice pudding, custard, assorted biscuits, chocolate cake, walnut cake, cheesecake, tres leches cake, carrot cake, apple tatin tart and banana tatin tart.

    Price per person: $ 200.00 pesos m.n.

    Cheese Bar

    Almonds, peanuts, red berries, cookies, walnuts, fine selection of cheeses and grapes.

    Price per person: $ 250.00 pesos m.n.


    American, Australian, Chilean, Spanish, French, Italian or Mexican. (At the client's choice)

    Price per person: From $ 250.00 to $ 500.00 pesos m.n.


    Cubans, Dominicans, Nicaraguans or Mexicans. (At the client's choice)

    Price per person: From $ 250.00 to $ 900.00 m.n.

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    romantic dinners and any social event contact us.

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